Tuesday, 21 June 2011

All the latest from Dirty Pretty Things!

Wow! What a week!

Following the excitement of our Soho Pop-Up Shop and our epic website launch party (party gossip post to follow - with a mountain of piccies!), you'd think the DPT girls would slow down a little and at least get rid of the treacherous hangovers that ensued. 

If only!

We've been pouring blood, sweat and glitter into our most stupendous collections yet.

Throw in  our very first swimwear range, arranging photo shoots, cancelling photo shoots,models, photographers ,makeup,lookbooks, patterns , factories,fabric suppliers,webdesign, accountants..8 stories 4 collections arrrgh  and people wonder why everyone in fashion is mental ! 
Meanwhile, Claire has to uphold her usual act of juggling  being the pinnacle of model/business-woman/mother  doing so in the skinniest of jeans with the hottest arse we have ever seen - , Sophie is beating the men off with a stick keeping them all under manners and, most envy-provoking of all, Dee is packing up a car at breakneck speeds for Glastonbury. So far, this is "the stash":

...And that's without the alcohol supply!

The DPT Team

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