Tuesday, 19 July 2011

DPT at the Lingerie Collective Show

If you missed us at the Lingerie Collective show a couple of weeks back, prepare to be very upset... You missed the previews of our Spring/Summer 2012 collection, plus our super sexy look book to show off the lot!

Whilst Dee and Claire worked hard at exhibiting our brand new one-of-a-kind luxe undies to the press and taking care of the all important gossiping, Lea pranced about with a camera to make sure anyone who couldn't get up to Bond Street to check us out that day didn't miss out (to be honest, with collections as bright as Lily and Blossom brightening up our show rails, pretty pictures weren't hard to get). Here's some cheeky snapshots for you to goggle at... if you like polka dots, you're in for a treat!

...we'll see you at the next show ;)

The DPT Team

Monday, 4 July 2011

TeePee Pretty Things

Glasto ROCKS !

Dee gets campsite comfy!

The Park Stage - crowd awaits Pulp

Mick Jones we love you!

KT, Nick and co.

Lisa, Nellee and Dee

Tipi Tara and Debbie: That wood won't chop itself... back to basics!

Home sweet home...


Danny, Zoe, Debbie and Dee

Zoe , Pearl , Dee and Lisa

Style champ Grace E (left)

Jade and Helen

The teepee field

The Park rocks!

Zoe G and Lisa M

Lucinda and Mike

A little customisation of the Hunter wellies...

We love you Glastonbury... We can't wait until 2013!

The DPT Team

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

No points on the license today then...

Brilliant driving down the lanes to enter site . Police car drives past , I have glass of red in hand and mobile in shoulder hold . They smiled and waved #festiepolice
Glasto I love you !!!

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On the road to Glasto...

Here we go!

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Dirty Pretty Things launch party... Frozen Margaritas anyone?

DPT Hosted a good old fashioned soho knees up to celebrate the launch of our new website .

Our two day pop up shop at The Lingerie Collective saw the usually demure boutique highjacked  by the  Dirty Pretty Things' pirates with over 300 different dpt garments to choose from...also had a few buyers for our newly launched oh my bod a vibrator that syncs in tune to your ipod !!

Fuelled only by gallons of coffee and loads of outrageous banter , set-up began bright and early one fine June morning, and not without a very close shave with a rickety ladder. By the time it came to hosting our Bloggers Breakfast, we had caused mayhem in the streets of soho .

The party was a storming success with hells angels , dpt girls with attitude rocking the ranges and london's finest in attendance. 
 As per usual, the DPT girls just had to go that little bit further than a few glasses of warm dodgy sponsored vodka ... dpt highjacked the street with a  pimped out ice cream van as a cocktail bar fresh melon frozen margaritas were a huge hit ..(big thank you to Slush Brothers for our frozen cocktails!).

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

All the latest from Dirty Pretty Things!

Wow! What a week!

Following the excitement of our Soho Pop-Up Shop and our epic website launch party (party gossip post to follow - with a mountain of piccies!), you'd think the DPT girls would slow down a little and at least get rid of the treacherous hangovers that ensued. 

If only!

We've been pouring blood, sweat and glitter into our most stupendous collections yet.

Throw in  our very first swimwear range, arranging photo shoots, cancelling photo shoots,models, photographers ,makeup,lookbooks, patterns , factories,fabric suppliers,webdesign, accountants..8 stories 4 collections arrrgh  and people wonder why everyone in fashion is mental ! 
Meanwhile, Claire has to uphold her usual act of juggling  being the pinnacle of model/business-woman/mother  doing so in the skinniest of jeans with the hottest arse we have ever seen - , Sophie is beating the men off with a stick keeping them all under manners and, most envy-provoking of all, Dee is packing up a car at breakneck speeds for Glastonbury. So far, this is "the stash":

...And that's without the alcohol supply!

The DPT Team

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Welcome to the Dirty Pretty Things blog!

The Dirty Pretty Things Team like to think we’ve brought a lot to the table (or underwear drawer, more specifically). 
Within the creative confines of our gorgeous collections, we have whipped up silken bras, fine lace thongs, sexy sheer suspender belts, risqué rouge spank-me knickers and sizzling body suits that are simply second to none, not to mention our naughty selection of toys and accessories for ladies of all types and tastes.
But is paving the way for fashion-forward luxe lingerie enough for the girls at Dirty Pretty Things? Gosh no. Introducing: The Dirty Pretty Things Blog. 
It’s not just the knickers we make that showcase the stylish and sexy women taking the world by storm. Now we’ll be talking the talk and writing for women everywhere with our own special brand of opinion, banter, exclusive hot topics, reviews and all things female, complemented - of course - by the latest and greatest news and sneak peeks from DPT Headquarters. 
So bookmark us, spread the word and tweet out loud - we guarantee to seduce you with words and blaze a trail through cyberspace (again) in no time at all...
Until next post!

The DPT Team