Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Dirty Pretty Things launch party... Frozen Margaritas anyone?

DPT Hosted a good old fashioned soho knees up to celebrate the launch of our new website .

Our two day pop up shop at The Lingerie Collective saw the usually demure boutique highjacked  by the  Dirty Pretty Things' pirates with over 300 different dpt garments to choose from...also had a few buyers for our newly launched oh my bod a vibrator that syncs in tune to your ipod !!

Fuelled only by gallons of coffee and loads of outrageous banter , set-up began bright and early one fine June morning, and not without a very close shave with a rickety ladder. By the time it came to hosting our Bloggers Breakfast, we had caused mayhem in the streets of soho .

The party was a storming success with hells angels , dpt girls with attitude rocking the ranges and london's finest in attendance. 
 As per usual, the DPT girls just had to go that little bit further than a few glasses of warm dodgy sponsored vodka ... dpt highjacked the street with a  pimped out ice cream van as a cocktail bar fresh melon frozen margaritas were a huge hit ..(big thank you to Slush Brothers for our frozen cocktails!).

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